About us

Africa public and private organizations have heavily invested on computer desktop/laptop workstations, tablets, wide and local area networks, servers and storages etc. with promise that thing will change for better. However, over decades considerably only few have earned optimal return on their technological investments. 
Singo Africa Limited is bringing world class experience by focusing on adding value and stimulate competitiveness to its Africa business partners' through their existing as well as to be acquired new technologies and business services. 
Singo Africa Limited aim on becoming part of you to ensure that end-to-end value is delivered, resources is managed and risk is minimized; through carefully sourced, acquired, effectively architecture and implemented services and solutions.
Singo Africa Limited believe in “win-win or no deal” business transactions; Thus, we engage and collaborate with our esteemed customers, partners and stakeholders in transparently, respectful and integrity manner.  You are why we are in Service.