Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

CRM explained.

Let’s use this analogy,
Imagine you’re the manager of a small business, and your small business has 10 clients. 10 clients whose vital details you have stored in your head. Yeah you can probably keep track of 10 clients in your head. That doesn’t seem too difficult.
Those 10 clients are your bread and butter. You probably talk to them every day, you probably know very personal details about them, and you probably even care about them as people.
Then your business starts growing. You attract more customers. You spend less time with each one individually and find that growth needs to occur in the other areas of your business in order to meet growing demand. Your time is spread even thinner.
Phone calls become infrequent, emails become curt, orders are fulfilled late, and the clients with less of a budget become sidelined, forgotten about and eventually lost.
There is a solution. It’s called solution is customer relationship management.
What is CRM?
CRM software is a piece of technology used to organize, automate and synchronize all of the customer facing areas within your company: from marketing to sales to customer service to technical support.
We have an affordable and easy to use customer relationship management (CRM) designed to help your business communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy in a multi-channel customer environment. You need to capture the interest of customers that are increasingly sophisticated and are ignoring the old methods we used to market and sell to them. You need a CRM to look into your near future and be predictive of your revenue.
It’s a place to store all of your clients’ information in one place, that’s easy to update and share with the whole team. The best systems also save any updates immediately.
·      Every member of your team will be able to see the exact point when your business last communicated with a client, and what the nature of that communication was. Do they need an immediate follow-up call? Does the relationship need a little rekindling?
·      CRM can give you instant metrics on various aspects of your business automatically. If you have a complete and detailed CRM then you’ll be able to us this data to forecast and plan for the future.
·      Our CRM has calendars where you can schedule meetings, calls, relating important events or tasks with the relevant client. It can also suggest suitable times to contact customer and set reminders email or pop ups.
·      You will be able to see the complete history of your company’s interaction with a client. Perhaps this can be a guide to how to approach future customers, or give you a run-down of where things went wrong if interaction was unsuccessful.
Putting the customer at the heart of your business strategy is the key to success. CRM allows you to do just that. It also allows you the time and freedom to concentrate on other areas of your business, safe in the knowledge that an automated system is keeping you and your team up-to-date and fully aware of your clients’ needs.