Enterprise Asset Management[EAM]


Property & Facility Management System: Advantages to use it. Why you should choose EAM that we provide


What EAM Solution we provide

The EAM we are providing have core functionalities that can enable you to utilize your company assets and make maintenance to look so easily and timely responses.This EAM has the following core functionalities/Modules that our technical personnel can have your company processes configured and ready to GO!.

  • Space & Asset Inventory
  • Facility Mantainance
  • Logistic Management
  • Economic Management ie Budget, Contracts and Purchasing Documents as well as reports
  • Energy and Environment ie consumption reports
  • BIM and GIS for geo-refences of your assets depending locations situated and placed in a 3D model

WITHOUT forgetting that the support will be highly provided both technical and operational one for the betterment of win-win policy.



Why would you use a Property & Facility Management System?

  • because non-maintenance costs (plant shut-downs, service disruptions, shorter life of plants, systems and devices) are much higher than maintenance costse
  • because the complete knowledge of your own assets (breakdowns, maintenance works, incurred costs, etc.) allows a more conscious strategic and operative programming
  • for a higher real estate return
  • because the passage from the maintenance in case of breakdowns to a scheduled maintenance guarantees savings
  • for a better way to manage and control responsibilities in the whole maintenance process
  • to optimize the work of the domestic staff
  • to improve the relationship with suppliers (higher quality of work and less costs)
  • to reduce energy costs
  • to remove unnecessary paperwork

The answer to the commonly asked questions about EAM we provide are depicted on the following documents

We are able to support you in the first activities that are necessary for the activation of a Property & Facility Management system we are providing.

Modes of delivery of maintenance services

The Annual Maintenance service will be applied to a single production instance of our EAM system.
The price is defined according to the instance complexity (Small, Medium, Large, Very Large) and the required service level (Silver, Gold, Platinum).
The service is provided by remote connection and remote assistance (VPN, SSH, etc.). It will be provided in English during the working days, from 9 AM to 6 PM.
1. Help desk

The Help desk service takes care of issues / bugs sent to technical support via phone or email. Our staff also supports the Customer in solving problems about configuration and usage of the CMDBuild application. Each Customer has to identify and interact with a single member of the support team. Tickets must be accurate and detailed, always describing software versions, the detected problems and the steps that reproduce the errors. Technical documentation like screenshots, logs, database export, xpdl files, xml files, etc. must be attached to the ticket.

2. Remote connection

Our technicians use remote connection to connect to the EAM server, analyses, change configurations and fix errors. These operations are performed according to timetables defined by service levels. Remote connection must match Customer's security policy and technicians needs.

3. Issues support with email confirmation

One of our first level technicians will take care of your issue and will write you back within the timetable defined by service level. If possible, our technician will connect to the remote server to retrieve detailed information and analyse the problem.